Where to Rent a Side Loader if You Need One

Side Loader Rentals – Just what is a Side Loader and Just where Might I Rent One?

A side loader forklift or (side loader) is a specialized piece of material handling equipment developed to securely carry lengthy loads namely lumber, drainpipe, tubing and flat iron stock. With a side loader one can easily make best use of the space in your facility and function far more safely than standard forklifts.

Because as the moniker suggests, side loaders are turned 90 Degrees from conventional forklifts they can easily operate in much more narrow aisles than basic forklift trucks.

Listed here are merely a handful of the benefits of a side loader forklift:

  • Move lengthy or bulky building materials in very constricted aisles.
  • Stack higher.
  • Carry loads of 12,000 lbs (sometimes more).
  • Handle loads safely and securely, as much as 20-30 feet in length.
  • Flexible.
  • Indoor and outdoor collections are available in the market.

Is a side loader best for your warehouse operation? Might you prefer to try out one before you purchase one? Do you at the present time own a sideloader that is out of service and you need a sideloader to lease or rent?

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