Installing wood floors

Tired of that laminate flooring? Wood floors give your kitchen a polished look and most important, they are easier to manage.

“Want a great way to increase the value of your home? Install a hardwood floor! The following steps will remove the doubt and fears you may have of taking on this task by yourself. By doing it yourself you will not only save money but have the satisfaction of looking at a floor installed by you!

1. Purchase some wood that will give you the right look for your space. Be prepared for delivery of a very heavy large stack of wood if you are doing more than one room.

2. Store the wood in the space you will be installing at least 2 weeks prior to actually starting the install. This give the wood a chance to expand and contract based on the humidity and temperature of the space. The amount of time that the wood needs to acclimate will vary from region to region; if you live in a dry region and the wood was properly stored at the warehouse, it may only take a couple of days”

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