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The Good, Bad and Ugly about Electric Press Washers

Not too many people know the pros and cons about electric press washers or anything about them in general. I was reading an article that clearly explains both and answers a lot of questions that I would like to share with you.

Electric pressure washers are known for their reduced noise applications. These machines are driven by an electric motor. Unlike pressure washer machines driven by combustion engine, these machines do not make use of fossil fuels. As such, this type of equipment naturally operates at lower noise levels than those powered by combustion engines. This is just one of the pros of electric pressure washers to be discussed in this article.

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Construction Cleaning

Kleanko Janitorial - Commercial Cleaning SpecialistsWhen the construction of a building, home or home addition is completed and the architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, painters and the other construction workers are finished is the job really done?

Probably not. While most contractors make a good effort to clean-up after themselves if you  want a truly spotless, trouble-free clean and healthy living space you need a thorough post-construction cleaning.

Post Construction Cleaning Specialists

Not too many companies specialize in this kind of cleaning activity because it requires specialized equipment and training.  However, they are out there and with a bit of research and effort you should be able to find one in your area here is an example: warehouse cleaning, Schaumburg, Bolingbrook and Naperville.  A finished commercial facility can be operational and open for business only when the construction-cleaning worker has thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the building. Similarly, when your home remodel is finished a post-construction cleaning company can ensure that all the nooks, crannies, walls and ducts are spotless and free of potential allergens.

Depending upon the scope of the construction or remodeling that was completed and the tidiness of the contractors, your post-construction cleaning company may be working strictly indoors or also be wrangling large quantities of waste from around the site.

A company which specializes in providing construction cleaning services has special tools and equipment, in some cases their workers are licensed in addition to receiving formally training.

Not Your Mother’s Housekeeper

While some companies offer both services, you need to understand that a construction cleaning service is not the same as residential or commercial cleaning services. The main differences surround the required cleaning guidelines for a construction site which are much greater and more rigorous. In many cases, heavy lifting, ladder work and waste removal are required. This is simple beyond the scope of normal cleaning crews.

If you have a construction or remodeling project that is nearing completion and you or your family or employees are at all sensitive to airborne and contact allergens then you are a prime candidate for a post-construction cleaning service. Think of it as an inexpensive insurance policy against years of potential sneezing, watery eyes and rashes! Get more info on Bolingbrook, Naperville and Schaumburg construction cleaning.